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We officially started Rooster's in 2006.  Mostly because our guests coming up to Reno said they couldn't find someone to take care of their dogs or cats while they were away with their horses.  At that time a group of 'pet sitters' got together and decided to offer service.  Rooster's expanded into hoof care (Farrier services) and then horse shows for the community.  Since we have a passion for adopting and training Mustangs we encourge fellow Mustang owners to get together and share their experiences. We have a lifetime full of experience, and really love animals.  We believe that 'in-home' care is the best care to give your animal.  They feel comfortable, and less stressed in their natural surroundings.


For Profiles and more about the folks as Rooster's

Ron Johnson, please visit his Horseshoeing page and his Fitness page

Katrina Lomax, please visit her Horseshow's page scroll to the end and the Reno Rides page scroll to the end

Farrier Services

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Well, we've got an announcement!  Ron has left the high tech world for horses...yes he 'dun did it' after spending the summer 2007 learning farrier services and now bringing his expertise to you in the Bay Area. He attended  The Texas Horseshoeing School under John Burgin. Yes, Ron is accepting new clients for his new Farrier business.  It's still part of Rooster's Haven, we now will be doing trims and shoeing as well as offering our other services.
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Ride as long as you like

Isn't that what you want to hear when you go somewhere?  Ride as long as you like!  Rooster's Haven is a company started in 2006 by a couple of riders that wanted a non-commercial type horseback ride, with that "cowboy up"kinda feel.  It started with rides based out of Lemmon Valley, (Reno) Nevada that had no time limit & on a different concept: the need for large animal care in both Reno and the Bay Area..  We wanted to encourage those people that were from the Bay Area (San Francisco) to come up and enjoy a nice weekend in thepuckerbrush and dust.   Many folks found it impossible to leave their other horses, their dogs or cats behind, so we thought about that too.  So with Pet Sitting you could have someone that was knowledgable and reliable to care for your large and small animals while you are away riding the hills freely! - so we put both ideas to work.

2007 we started our Buckle Series" - After helping and running horse shows around the state, and not being satisfied with formats, venues and awards we decided to do something different. 
We wanted to provide a class A show, at reasonable prices for the community, and have it well organized.  To be fun too! To help our non-profits in the community!  These are our goals, and keep it down to earth.

We are 'no frills' and down to earth and we base our beliefs on this:  We don't care if you are a guy or a girl, if you put make-up on or not, or if you like Bush or not, or what color your skin is, what your preference is, or what color your shirt is and if it is ironed or not! 

Easy trails for all

Do you enjoy bicycles screaming down the trail toward you?  Do you like strollers and balloons? 

Neither do we...come to Lemmon Valley (just north of Reno).  This is horse country.  This is what it is like to live up 5000 ft elevation in the high & dry terrain.  Join us for an awesome BBQ, and then hit the town!

Horse Shows


Terri Lomax Memorial Open Horse Show, Saturday May 10th.  Located at 3200 Robertson Park Rd, at the Robertson Park covered arena in Livermore, CA  This show is both APHA PAC approved and AHA OEIP Approved.  Special Driving, Games and Wild Horse or Burro classes

 "Rooster's Haven Open Show Buckle Series
at Taylor Made Farms, San Martin, CA.  April 21, May 19, and Aug. 4 2007 - all Saturday shows.
We are CSHA Region 6 & 10 approved,  PAC (APHA) APPROVED, and AHA OEIP Approved!

Wild Horses

Rooster's Haven is a active advocate of Mustang adoption.  These horses are our heritage and it is our right and duty to save these horses from political gambits and extinction..

Please see these links for our nations Wild Horse's that are currently available under the BLM's adopt a horse program.  Let's stop unnecessary breeding of pedigreed horses that we don't have demand for - encourage adoption of Wild Horses & end slaughter.

Be fit for riding

Don't want to fall off?  Well you'd be better off if you did condition yourself before you rode.  Let's face it, if you are just getting back into riding again, you need to get conditioned too.  We can help with that.  We have a personal trainer ready to work with you - so that you are fit to ride!

BBQ'S - Don't forget the BBQ

We provide breakfasts & BBQ's for events.  We cook a mean omlette with only *fresh* organic free range eggs.

We only grill *Angus* burgers (turkey if you ask nicely) and *Hebrew National all beef franks* (it's kosher )  Tri-tip, Ribs & BBQ Chicken we like best.  All the 'fixin's for a down home country meal!
Rooster's Haven will provide food for up to 200 people (well maybe that's a bit ambitious!)

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