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Ron's Fitness Program

Ron's fitness program

"Let's get back on track!" says 'Cowboy'

Ron's cowboy fitness program, and personal training will give you the basics to get in shap, and before you ride - it can make the biggest different if you fall off - but then "who's gonna fall off?"  (Let's face it, you need to ride more to fall off.)  Just be prepared with Ron's cowboy fitness.

On December 6, 2006 Ron had a necessary tendon/ligament repair to his bicep tendon.  He had the same surgery on the other arm Dec. 2005.  Ron understands the need to never give up and to stay strong. 

2009 and Ron is back and strong as ever.  He wants to share his secret with you on how to regain strengh when confronted with a major surgery.  You can join him with his fitness program. Have you had shoulder surgery?  Drop Ron a line at: [email protected] 
he would love to hear from you and talk about it.

Profile:  Ron Johnson is a professional. He had a career as a Facilities and Shipping/Traffic Manager for a high tech company in Silicon Valley, CA for the last 7 years.  Prior to that he lived in New Jersey working in the transportation industry for 10 years.  In 1999 Ron trained extensively for his competition on the East Coast.  He won non-pro all around, Masters, Novice and a few other titles that you can ask him about.  Since then Ron has been training horses and has endured 2 shoulder surgerys - both having to have his bicep tendon & ligaments reattached to the bone.  Dec. 2005 & Dec. 2006 his left and then his right.  He tore one from a bad horseback fall and the other from a bad waterskiing fall....he took time off to recoop and then decided to make a career in horses and went to horseshoeing school.  As of February 2007  he is dedicated full time to the Rooster's Haven business.  Keep checking back here for updates.

Ron's competitions

Ron Johnson - winner of Mr USA (East Coast competition Oct 1999)

Ron's titles include:

1999 USA Natural Bodybuilding Championships - 1st Place light Weight Division & Novice Overall Champion.

1999 USA Natural Bodybuilding Championships - 1st Place Lt. Wt. Div. & Men's Open Overall Champion

1999 USA Natural Bodybuilding Championships - 1st Place Lt. Wt. Div. & Men's Masters 35/45 Overall Champion.

1999 NABF Atlantic Natural Men';s Masters 1st Place & Lt. wt. Division 2nd Place.

Knowing your body type

by Ron Johnson


Hello my name is Ron Johnson.  I am an AFAA, Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, Certified Personal Trainer.  I have won seven first place bodybuilding competitions, and have won one second place, which usually collects dust in the closet.  I am a natural body builder, which means I do not take any anabolic steroids or drugs of any sort, except for nutritional supplements.  I am an Ecto-Meso(Ecto-Morph/Meso-Morph).  This sounds like star trek, but it isn’t.  In the next five minutes I will guide along the path of learning more about your body’s muscular skeletal structure.


By knowing what body type you are, you will come to understand how each can be conditioned to perform to achieve maximum benefit with reference to bodybuilding. Today I will inform you of the three different body types, which are Ecto-morph, Meso-morph, and Endo-morph.  Ecto-morph is a small boned person, Meso-morph is a medium boned person and Endo-morph is a large boned person. 





 Even though these are the basic body structures, you may fall into one or more categories.  As mentioned in the Ultimate Body Building Encyclopedia by Peter Sisco, most people are not exclusively one type.  Rather, they are predominantly Ecto-,   Meso- or Endomorphs with some characteristics of the other types. Basic nutrition, proper rest, and good supplementation are necessary for any body builder.

A.  Ecto-morph

Small boned person who has a very hard time gaining weight, and muscle mass.They have a higher metabolism.  Their bones are considerably weaker then bigger boned persons.

A true Ecto bone structure is not going to change.  Meaning it is very difficult for an Ecto to be in a competition against others with large muscle mass. They can still receive the benefits of training and good diet.  With proper training and nutrition they can enhance their strength and well-being

a.     Example : Mr. America  According to Peter Sisco who had been training since 1963, the only completive body builder was Jules Bacon, who was able to enhance his appearance to win.  It is not totally impossible, just not realistic.  Exercise should be as follows:

 An Ecto should stick with the basic exercises rather then a lot of isolation exercises.Basic exercises are considered to be squats, military press, barbell curls, lat pull downs, and triceps extensions, calf raises.  Bike riding, sports etc.  You are using your supportive muscles. These are just examples of basic.  Isolation exercise would be using a smith-curling machine, which would isolate the bicep at particular angles.  Any exercise that isolates the movement of the muscle in one direction.  An ecto person should be careful not to just follow anyone’s particular routine in the gym, but should learn what works for him best.

B.  Meso morph

Medium boned person.  Out of all the groups they are considered the easiest to work with.   They will respond to exercise quicker then the Ecto or the Endo.

Usual body type for excelling in body building competitions for both men and women.  The training methods are:Basic exercises as the Ectoa. Isolation exercises because of their genetic structure can achieve a more defined look of their muscles and have the polished look of a body builder.

b.  For the sport of body building a Meso will achieve their goal of bodybuilding easier then an Ecto or Endo

C. Endo morph

Large boned person.  Normally categorized as strength. Goliath in the bible was definitely an Endo.  Along with size, comes strength, such as a big boned person.  They are normally stronger then an Ecto or a Meso. 

They normally would not get the polished look of a body builder because of their particular body structure.  As with all the groups, it is not totally impossible to condition yourself to that point.  The training method varies, depending on their particular goals.   

It is harder for an Endo to loose weight.  In the field of weigh lifting most Endo’s want to have the extra weight.  

Most Endo’s excel in Power Lifting.Depending on the individual. 

An Endo weight lifter nutrition is the same: Proper diet, good rest and vitamin supplementation.  Aerobic exercise and activityRaising the metabolic rate will assist them in loosing weight if that is what the person desires.In the sport of weight lifting and bodybuilding most Endo’s try to keep their muscle mass and increase their strength.

Video clip –Ron Johnson competition.  Example of an Ecto/Meso morph body type.(to be uploaded)

II   Conclusion

Anyone, with any body type can benefit from working out, whether it is for an individual sport or for something as extreme as completive bodybuilding

In extreme competition training should be solely geared into the sport you are trying to excel in.  An example would be, say the sport of Soccer: Soccer players worry about leg strength and flexibility

For the example of a Body builder: Body builders worry about symmetry and proportion of muscles.

Not anyone can be Hercules over night, it takes patience and perseverance.  The important thing is that you make realistic goals.  Goals that are attainable would be short-term goals three to five months, and then re-adjusting exercise and diet accordingly.  I hope you enjoyed this speech that allowed you to understand the three different body types and the kind of exercise they benefit from.


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Personal Trainer Fitness Counselor Certification Study Guide. By Fitness Resource Associates Inc. Copy right 1999

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