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Reno Rides 2009

February 14 & 15th - SNOWED OUT - Postponed until March

Check back here for more details!

Past Reno Rides 2008

Wranglin' rides and BBQ's

2008 Dates:

July 4th, 5th & 6th - weekend camping & riding - passed (BOY WAS IT FUN)

August 9 & 10th - booked, no more room!

August 23 & 24 - this will be in California (private ride)

August 30 & 31 & Sept 1 - Labor Day ride  "WILD HORSE RIDE"

UPDATE Aug. 22:  This is for ya' all especially those with Wild Horses (Mustangs) to come join us in Lemmon Valley and ride out both Sun & Mon.  This is a private home and we ride out from the house.  Call us for directions or email us at:  [email protected]

Ride out time:  Sat depends on when folks from out of town arrive & how hot it is.  We may just visit the Truckee River Music Festival with live music 4-9pm in Reno, or Sparks Rib Cook Off or beach it on the East shores of Lake Tahoe.  BBQ back at the house starts at 5pm

Sunday be ready 9:30am - 10am ride out.   BBQ after the ride.(Lunch) Then off to Virginia City to see the Comstock Cowboys perform at the Bucket of Blood Saloon! (2 - 6pm only Sunday)

Monday - some folks head home while others will check out Virginia City's parade at 12pm or the finale of the Sparks Rib Cook Off, or Lake Tahoe. 

We will have a BBQ on all three days.  Sat at 5pm, Sun & Mon after the ride - potluck style.  You can bring something to grill or a side dish or contribute gold bullion toward the grub (we need to know you are coming so we can plan food).  You are welcome to stay over just bring your tent, sleeping bag, travel trailer.  If your horse needs a place, and you do not have portable corrals, then please email or call us and let us know you are coming so we can make you a stall.  BYOB(drink) & BYOH (horse) is preferred - however you don't have to ride to join us.  If you bring your own horse and need a day stall, or overnight,  please email or call ahead of time so we can prepare one for you.  We do not have horses for you to ride, but you can hang out with us and BBQ.  If you are a beginner or novice and don't want to ride out - that's okay there is plenty fun in the corral.  We've got obstacles set up for you to practice with like poles, a bridge, cones etc.  If you feel you want to work on your riding that's okay to stay in the corral, it's all good. 

Ride time will depend on the group.  Ride times average 2 hours - but it's up to you!

This is a free ride, we don't mind sharing our food,  but to be fair please bring something to grill & drink or a side dish for the potluck if you stay to BBQ.

Tips only: accepted by Head Rooster in charge.

Use the sign up form above - just make sure you change the date on it and put the dates you will be there.  You may email it to us, or just call us so we know you are coming.  This is not a ride from Lemmon Valley Arena - it's a private home - so please email or call us for directions.

(Sorry we do not have T-shirts for this event)



Past group rides:
May 26 & 27, 2007

Sept. 1 & 2, 2007

October 6 & 7 2007 - Snaffle Bit Futurity Ride

peek at partial T-shirt design 2007  - SOLD OUT

"We ain't no resort, but you can camp or bring your trailer, and 1st come, 1st serve with the rooms in the house...we'll even allow couch surfing  for you tired and weary travelers- just call for more details"


Pictures from Reno Ride Labor Day 2007


Check out photos from previous Reno Rides:

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Labor Day Weekend 2006:

It was a fantastic weekend!  Great weather, no wind, all sun and you couldn't ask for more!  On Monday, Ron, Vance and I (Katrina)went trail hunting in the back of Lemmon Valley in search of new unexplored areas for future rides.  Of course we always seems to go off trail and explore more then staying on a trail...but that is the adventure. 

I of course prefer riding my Mustang, Valentina in this terrain...and this is a great way to finish her training so beginners can ride her.

I love the hills in Lemmon Valley because you can go for miles and miles and when you finally look back to where you started, you don't realize how high and how far you've really gone.  The elevation is about 5000 + or - and believe me you'll know it when you're horse tells you (they are usually breathing like a cat on a hot tin roof- cowboy lingo here folks).


My other favorite thing to do out here is play in the sand dunes or sand piles.  We usually have a great time running full bore up them and then holding on to your horn on the way down, letting the horse pick it's path.  Hope to see you in Reno!  - Katrina

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