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Sparks Christmas Parade

by Cindy Lawrence:

For the Sparks Christmas parade (Dec 1) we had 8 Mustangs, 5 burros and two "humans" carrying the banner - It was "COLD" but we had fun.  A big THANK YOU to everyone that braved the cold to participate in the parade, and/or who watched and cheered everyone on!!!  

 It was a great opportunity to “expose” our horses and burros to new sights and sounds, and to show off our incredible Mustangs and Burros to others!!  - If anyone took any pictures I'd love to see them!

California Salinas Rodeo

2008- We will be back again - however we had to leave the horses at home due to high gas costs.  Hope to bump into a few of you there and help those that are in the parade this year.

2005 we had a great time at the Saturday Parade of the California Salinas Rodeo.  It's pronounced "row-day-o"

2007 - Rooster's Haven takes 2nd place in Matched Pairs at the Parade

 Ron Johnson & Katrina Lomax rode with Heike & Rainer Stabenow as "The German Cowboys" in the Saturday Parade.  Then on Sunday Ron Johnso and Katrina Lomax rode together as "Matched Pairs" where they took a Special Award and got a nice ribbon.  Heike, Rainer and Jim (Rainer's dad) rode in their cart on Sunday and received a First Place Plaque for their participation.  Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures to post.  I thought maybe the local paper may have gotten some - but I didn't see any.  In either case it was an AWESOME weekend at the rodeo!

Vance and Dutch

We are proud to show this parade pics 2006.  Vance & Dutch (his neighbor) ride in a local parade (Almaden Valley, CA).  I believe Vance mentioned that Dutch was in his 90's

I sure say them's some fine lookin' cow pokes!

Check back for some more pictures of parades.  Also we will feature Vance Pranger in another Mustang page, since he recently adopted a new mustang and will be training it this year (2006/07)

Vance Pranger and his Mustang

Oct, 13, 2006
"I have a new family member.
It's a three or four year old mustang gelding...
Unspoiled, as in not halter broke, terrified of ropes,
but at least is addicted to carrots.
A patient work in progress"

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