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Miss Handy's life

Case study on Miss Handy. 

Six year old, Miss Handy had multiple severe tears to her deep flexor tendon on her right  front leg at a young age of 6.  She was in the upper hills of San Jose, and that particular Spring was very muddy.  She had tripped into a gopher hole and was unable to walk.   We trailed her up a week later to US Davis outside of Sacramento, CA.  Diagnosis from US Davis said she had a 50/50 chance of ever walking again.  She spent two years of her life in a 12 x 12 stall.  During this time Ron had put special shoes and pads on her every 6 weeks.  She was in pain, but kept comfortable.  Then in 6 months after,  Ron started reducing the padding and the angle of her shoe and now she is trimmed, no shoes and walking like a normal horse.  She still limps occasionally,  but she is able to walk, trot and canter with no pain.  Although she will never be ridden again, she was such a beauty we have kept her as a companion horse to Simi.  She resides now in Brentwood, CA.  Thanks to Ron, she has enjoyed her life.  She is now 13 years old.


Farrier Services (Horseshoeing)

WELCOME - This is our Farrier/Horseshoeing Service page.

Ron with 'Vagabund'

Ron with 'Boogie'

Ron Johnson had attended the Texas Horseshoeing School the summer of 2007 see link here and we are taking new clients in the North Reno Area.

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Barefoot trims, natural hoofcare, and cold shoeing

Rates are subject to change.  Please call in advance and ask for our rates. These rates are posted as of 11/12/09


Trims: $50

Half Set of Shoes(2 fronts)  $90

Full Set of Shoes $115

If you want your horses shoes pulled for the winter - no problem!

call Ron at 408-307-7837

email: [email protected]

For special shoes or needs please call so we can discuss.

Note:  If you live in Reno, your horses hooves will be extra dry and very tough to trim if you haven't pre-conditioned them.  Sometimes it can take HOURS just to do a trim!  Suggestion would be to soak or have the horse stand in wet ground, mud for a few days before the appointment, so their hooves will be softer and easier to trim when the Farrier arrives.  You can use conditioners such as Hooflex or oil, but really mud works just as well.  This will also save time and $ especially if you haven't had a trimming in a long time and the Farrier needs to take much off.

Make sure the Farrier isn't the first one to pick up your horses hooves! Your horse should know how to stand for the Farrier and how to pick up it's feet.  This can be dangerous!  The Farrier is called to trim or shoe the horse, not to train it....however sometimes you just don't have time, so we do have a reasonable priced program where we can offer your horse training and take some extra time with them.  Just ask us when you schedule your appointment.

The Texas Horseshoeing School Curriculum covers many aspects of History, Anatomy, Husbandry, Techical & Metal working(Forging). Classes for example are: Foot Biomechanics, Tendons & Ligaments, Bones & Joints.  The students do foot dissection and learn First aid.  For shoe work the need to make their own shoes and classes for example are: Selecting, shaping and fitting cold shoes, nailing and finishing, shoe evaluation, the forge and tools. Applying corrective shoes etc.  Students work 7 days a week and hit the ground running, shoeing live horses the first day they are at the school, and don't stop.  John Burgin is the instructor and has been shoeing since 1976.  He is a professional calf roper, team roper and steer wresler.  In 1991 he trained and managed horse production for Bill Clemets, thenthe Governor of Texas.

Yearling Mustangs First Trim

Amy's Yearling from the Yearling Mustang Challenge:  His first trim!




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