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Equine, Pet & People Services

In short

Rooster's Haven provides Equine, Pet & People Services in the San Francisco Bay Area & Reno, Nevada. 

We provide pet sitting & house sitting services in Reno, NV 

We provide farrier (horseshoeing) services in Reno, NV and parts of the San Francisco Bay Area (call for details)

We provide consulting & education to people that are interested in learning the basics of equine care and riding skills.
We put on horse shows, get involved with local clubs & like to help the horsey non-profits in the community.

We have body conditioning and weight training to help condition you for success with your equine sports. 

Rooster's Haven at Ronnie's Ranch is our location in Reno, Nevada, where we provide weekends of riding, treasure hunts, and BBQ's.

Find out more, or if you'd like to be on our team, we are only a phone call away.


For more information please contact Ron Johnson at 408-307-7837 or email: [email protected]   

You may write to us at OUR PO BOX.  This is not where our horses are.  The horses are not in Sunnyvale sorry!

All mail, correspondance and checks to:

 Rooster's Haven,  PO Box 61376, Sunnyvale, CA 94088

For Service

CALL  408-307-7837 to schedule your Farrier/Horseshoeing service in the Bay Area.

CALL 408-307-7837 for Farrier/Horseshoeing or to schedule your interview and pet sitting in the Reno, NV

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